The Elias Expedition

3- The God of Mitnal Pt.2

After foiling the attack by the Mexicans, the party decided to take a rest at the abandoned campsite. Around 5 am, a search party of two men arrived looking for the lost Mexicans. Armed with only machetes, they quickly surrendered to the party once they were surrounded by them, and realized that Handsome was absolutely serious about maiming them (that leg was a good bait and intimidation).

The group gathered as much information as possible about the nearby ruins: there were 7 other men, 3 on patrol, 2 taking care of chores, the boss and his right hand man. They also received maps of the area and a confirmation that Elias was still alive, and that Kimble was in charge, going by one of his aliases.

The party tried to concoct a plan. Handsome, with a great Mechanical Repair roll, knew he could make a bomb to strap on to one of the hostages if the party wanted to send in a suicide bomber, though he would have faced resistance from the hostages. String Bean and Nathaniel decided to lead the approach to the ruins to try to catch any patrolling guards. On the way in, they managed to sneak up on one and cut his throat.

String Bean and Nathaniel continue to do recon, and discover the two men doing chores, one on each side of the ruins. The party splits to coordinate an attack on each side. Nathaniel and String Bean go to the further man, while Handsome, Barry, and Jade go to the closer one. Both parties encountered a patrolling guard on their way, but they are able to stealthily subdue them (nice punch out by Barry, and knife work by Nathaniel and Bonnie). Both parties got a little turned around in the jungle but managed to coordinate their attacks about the same time, taking out the two men outside.

Upon preparing to assault the inside of the pyramid, the group set up near the entrance, as Kimble’s right hand came out to see the commotion. As he realized he was outnumbered and saw none of his men, he laid down his arms and called for his boss. This call was mistaken as a warning by the party, who opened fire and killed the man. Kimble then came out, unarmed, and surrendered to the party, leading them to his stockpiles of weapons and his jail cell. He released Elias, who thanks the party, along with 2 of Elias’s men and two lost boys from a nearby village. The party decides to let Kimble go, as they believe he may be more useful alive than dead. Kimble assures the investigators that while he will not be of any help in North America, he will be in contact possibly in Africa, Asia, Australia, or Europe.

The party returns to the hotel with Elias and they party it up for a few days. Elias has a great time and makes good friends with everyone. He mentions he is going to be “investigating the fate of a high profile expedition” for his next project, but says no more. The final morning, Elias has left, leaving a note saying he has already left to pursue his next project, and he hopes to meet up with the investigators back in NYC when he is finished, probably in a few months. The entire trip is paid for, and the party returns to NYC.



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