House Rules

Martial Arts Skill:

Thematically, it makes sense for anyone trained in martial arts to be more skilled in unarmed and certain melee combat than the average person. The skill states that anyone who rolls under the martial arts skill when making an unarmed skill check will deal double damage. However, if this skill far exceeds the other skills, it has no real value past the trained level of any unarmed skill. I propose the following rules to make this skill actually useful:

1. 1/4th of the Martial Arts skill will be added to any skill check threshold for unarmed and certain melee combat.
2. If the skill check is made within the lower half of the threshold, then double damage will be dealt (db is not doubled). If made in upper half of threshold, normal damage will be dealt. On a ‘critical’ hit (01-05), an extra damage die will be added.

Custom weapons:
Brass knuckles – adds a +2 damage to any punch attack
Throwing knives- 1d4 damage, with range determined by STR, %chance determined by throw ability

Throw ability:
Those with a high DEX (14+) will receive a bonus on Throw related checks, because they thematically would be more accurate than your average person. The bonus will be +5% at 14, and an additional 5% for every point of DEX above 14.

House Rules

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