String Bean Bonnie


STR 13 SAN 60
DEX 15 Idea 85
INT 17 Luck 60
CON 10 Know 90
APP 10 db +1d4
POW 12 CM 99
SIZ 13 HP 12
EDU 18

Principle skills:
Bargain – 45
Climb – 75
Dodge – 75
Jump/Acrobatics – 75
Locksmith – 75
French – 45
Slavic – 45
English – 45
Romanian (Own Language) – 90
Psychology- 25
Sneak – 75
Spot Hidden – 50
Handgun – 60


“String Bean” Bonnie, aged 38, is an expert acrobat and thief. Raised in and trained by globe-trotting circus, Bonnie is surprisingly well learned despite lacking a traditional education. Incredibly dexterous and exceptionally cunning, Bonnie can talk, sneak, or otherwise manipulate her way through most situations. She is also well versed in common languages, including Slavic one, French, Romanian (her own language) and English. Although exceptional in many regards, Bonnie suffers from crippling alcoholism, which caused her to leave the circus. Upon arriving to New York, Bonnie utilized her skills as a cat burglar, hiring her skills out to interested parties.

Her relationship with Meriwether began when she was hired to steal a rare tome from his collection. Upon this attempt, Meriwether caught her, was impressed by her skills and her intelligence, and instead offered her a drink. They talked long into the night and became trusted friends. Bonnie has been called to Meriwether’s death bed as someone he could trusted with the most serious of charges because of their mutual respect for each other.

String Bean Bonnie

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