Nathaniel Windchase


STR 7 SAN 55
DEX 16 Idea 60
INT 12 Luck 55
CON 15 Know 75
APP 8 db +0
POW 11 CM 99
SIZ 12 HP 14
EDU 15

Principle skills:
Conceal – 75
Disguise – 30
Fast Talk- 75
Hide – 60
Library Use – 56
Locksmith – 51
Occult – 44
Ancient Greek- 20
Latin – 25
Psychology – 25
Sneak – 20
Throw- 40


Played by Brett Price.

Nathaniel Windchase, age 32, is a professional stage magician who recently transplanted to New York to try to make it on a large stage. While lacking in physical strength and appearance, Nathaniel’s ability to use his hands, strong physical constitution, and unique skill set make him one of the most varied and educated illusionists and escape artists in the city.

Nathaniel does not only study the “tricks” of magic (the sleight of hand, lock picking, and other kinds of audience deception) but also the occult theory behind magic and mysticism. He reads both ancient Greek and Latin, and navigates his way around libraries with ease. He seeks knowledge of real spellcraft, though he is beginning to doubt such a thing exists. He primarily attacks with throwing knives and like weapons.

Nathaniel met Meriwether through a mutual interest in the occult section of the Miskatonic U and NYU libraries. They have spoken on many occasion about ancient cults and gods that may or may not have existed. He has been called to Meriwether’s death bed because Meriwether believes his background is especially appropriate for fulfilling his last request.

Nathaniel Windchase

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