“Lady Jade” aka Jane


STR 9 SAN 70
DEX 13 Idea 60
INT 12 Luck 70
CON 12 Know 85
APP 10 db +0
POW 14 CM 99
SIZ 12 HP 12
EDU 18

Principle skills:
Credit Rating- 75
Fast Talk – 65
Library Use- 45
Medicine – 65
Latin- 21
Spanish – 21
Persuade – 75
Psychoanalysis – 61
Psychology – 65
Spot Hidden – 45
Handgun – 40


Played by Ashton Stahl

Lady Jade is a very well known person, but for two different reasons. She is a renown psychologist among intellectuals, yet also known as a fine cabaret dancer among the club goers. Many do not realize the dual identity she possesses. Jane got into dancing to pay off her student loans and realized she had a knack for it. While not the most beautiful, she can seduce most with the right outfit, makeup, and dance. It also helps that she can read her customers.

In other skills, she is capable with a pistol, persuasion, noticing details, Spanish and Latin.

Meriwether was a former professor of Jane’s, and one of the few that knows of her double life. He calls her to his death bed because of the mutual trust they have in each other.

“Lady Jade” aka Jane

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