Handsome McTavish


STR 12 SAN 65
DEX 12 Idea 65
INT 13 Luck 65
CON 13 Know 40
APP 12 db +1d4
POW 13 CM 99
SIZ 13

HP 13

Trained skills:
Listen – 55
Mechanical Repair – 50
Navigate – 60
Operate Heavy Machinery – 71
Persuade – 75
Track – 50
Shotgun – 60


Played by Kirk Hussey

Handsome McTavish is a 24 year old railroad brake operator. He rides on trains and operates brakes. While lacking much of a formal education and not completing high school, Handsome is stronger and smarter than the average person in most capacities. His major skills involve navigation and use of machinery, and he is skilled with the shotgun. He is also a bit of a narcissist.

Connected to Rupert Meriwether through Meriwether’s deceased niece Ethel, with whom he was romantically involved, he is called to Meriwether’s death bed as a man who could be trusted.

Handsome McTavish

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