STR 14 Idea 17
DEX 10 Luck 50
INT 15 Know 65
CON 15 db +1d4
APP 7 CM 99
POW 10 HP 16
SIZ 17
EDU 17

Principle skills:
Accounting – 70
Bargain – 55
Fast Talk- 50
First Aid- 70
Listen – 55
Martial Arts – 61
Psychology – 50
Sneak- 50
Spot Hidden- 60
Throw- 65
Handgun – 65

Hand-to-hand skills (see Hicks’s custom Martial Arts rules):
Fist- 65
Grapple- 40
Head- 25
Kick- 40


Played by Rollin Wonnell

Hailing from Chicago, Barry is a connected man among the underground circles, with a knack for the numbers. Upon relocation to New York, Barry became a very successful bookie, running his games out of a store front. He is also a man who can fix people’s “problems.” While skilled with a handgun, his sheer size and martial arts training make him prefer to simply bash some sense into his targets. From his line of work, he is also skilled in urban survival, negotiations, and accounting. You don’t want to run into him alone in a dark alley.

Barry is summoned to Meriwether’s bedside as a contingency; while Meriwether trusts his friends to follow through on their task, he wants to ensure it is completed at all costs. He also wants his friends to be present to make sure that Brock follows through on the job, as only with the approval of Meriwether’s trusted will Brock get the payoff for the job.


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