The Elias Expedition

7- Whispers From Elsewhere

The party has a wild night.

Barry, having taken all the accounting ledgers from the Juju House, spent his night reviewing them. He could tell that these were the ‘legitimate’ books, and that there were probably ‘real’ books in someone’s possession (the numbers looked too clean). Most of the imports came from an Ahja Singh in Mombossa, Kenya He noticed a number of transactions indicating deliveries to speakeasies, one of which was Fat Maybelle’s. Jade’s speak easy was not on the list. Barry remained undisturbed that night.

Handsome went home (wherever that is) and tried to sleep through the memories of the horrors he saw that day in the Juju House basement.

Bonnie took Jade home and made sure she was settled in, as Jade was still in a state of shock from what had happened that morning. After self medicating with a shot of morphine, she passed out. Bonnie went home, drank, and slept away the terror of the day.

Jade (who was out this session) had an attack on her apartment by cultists, but luckily, Lt. Poole had sent a protective detail to her building. She slept through it and didn’t know she was in any trouble. The cultists were thwarted. Jade regains 1d6 sanity.

Nathaniel had the most interesting night. He goes home to his apartment,, and decides to spend his afternoon and night researching his finds from the zombie alcove of the Juju House. He finds the following:

1. A shimmering, feathered ceremonial robe
2. Lion claws fixed to gloves, used in rituals, like carving symbols into foreheads. Very valuable, and could be used as weapons.
3. The stolen book, Africa’s Dark Sects, that Elias was looking for. Has Harvard library’s stamp inside. Will take a week to read but may have the key to actual magic.
4.Burnished copper (probably) bowl, covered in runes.
5. Curved wooden scepter covered in runes, similar to hieroglyphics. He reads them- “Nyambe, Thy Power Mine”. Gains 10 extra magic points for next hour.
6. Grey metal headband with runes
7. A carved, African devil mask, very old, and probably excavated from the region of the Congo.

Nathaniel decides to put on the mask, which melds to his face as he falls to the ground. His pupils dilate to fill his eye sockets, and he has a vision of a civil god, Nodens (I leave this exchange to Nathaniel to recount, but this god did not seem an enemy, and warned that using the mask could show the wearer more terrifying beings). After Nathaniel comes out of his vision, the mask falls to the floor and he decides to try to research how to summon Nodens apart from the mask and other gods.


Nathaniel notices a man standing in the alley across from his apartment. He decides he wants to check out who it is, but as he prepares to leave, he movement in the alley. He realizes that there are now two men fighting. The first man shoots the newcomer as a machette-like weapon is swung at him. Nathaniel realizes that the first man was a plain clothes cop, sent on protective detail. More police, uniformed, arrive, and a short firefight breaks out among assailants out of Nathaniel’s view. He goes downstairs when he knows it safe, to find 4 officers with the bodies of cultists. Nathaniel thanks them for their help and asks if they need anything. They reply that they are fine, and that Nathaniel should get some rest, which he does.


The following morning, Bonnie calls Handsome to come with her to meet Bradley Grey, Carlyle’s lawyer. They arrive a little after 8am, and meet his receptionist. Handsome flirts quite a bit and gets her number. They have their meeting with Grey, and Bonnie comes clean about why they need to speak to her (Elias is dead, he was onto something, Carlye could help). Handsome is annoying her, so she kicks him out of the meeting to flirt with the receptionist. Grey plans a meeting for later that afternoon, at 4pm, at the Carlyle Mansion. Bonnie decides to go check on Jade, and try to get some her morphine (yummy!).

Handsome decides to go check out Fat Maybelle’s, since he needs a drink and wants to see if any cultists are around. Barry has the same thought. Barry arrives around 11L30am, while Handsome arrives about noon. Barry notices that there is one table of white patrons, but the place is otherwise completely black. There is an upstairs, and likely a basement. He talks up Maybelle, and introduces himself as another client of whatever organization was supplying Maybelle’s. Maybelle, who is not the brightest, let’s loose that the group was producing and selling whiskey to her, and to other groups, and that they have a hidden presence there. When Barry proposes that he take the place as the supplier of booze, Maybelle starts to freak out (enter Handsome, who mostly listens and interjects with hilarious comments). Maybelle is admant against anyone besides “Mukunga” being the head of any rum-running or other operations. She is clearly frightened of this man. She, and most of the bar, go silent as a large black man walks in, and then upstairs. Maybelle watches him, and as Handsome asks “Who’s that,” she replies “You know who that is. That’s Mukunga.” Barry plays it cool, but Handsome presses ‘Why are people silent?" Maybelle replies "Because he has the Juju! You don’t want to mess with him. I think you need to leave." As Handsome and Barry get progressively more disrespectful and a littttllleee bit racist, they are kicked out by Maybelle, who is clearly more afraid of Mukunga than anything.
Outside the speak easy, Handsome grabs his gallon of gasoline (Never leave home without one, kids!), and looks to Barry. The building is mostly stone, except for the door. Handsome empties his gallon on the wooden door, while Barry takes off his tie and ties it around the door handles tightly. Handsome lights the door, and it flames up, trying to smoke out Mukunga and any other potential cultists. They hang around for a minute and hear banging on the door. Finally, the large windows are smashed open as people start pouring out and running down the street. The flames start growing up to the second floor and penetrate to the center of the building. Maybelle comes out, but does not seem to know it was Handsome and Barry who lit the place up. Mukunga does not come out, and it seemed like less people came out than were inside. Handsome and Barry decide to run away, with Barry intimidating a bystander, grabbing him and saying, “YOU DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING!!!”




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