The Elias Expedition

2- God of Mitnal, Pt 1


Nathaniel had developed a friendship with Jackson Elias, the friendly journalist he met at the library during our last adventure. Elias had sent him many of his books, and grew to trust Nathaniel. Nathaniel soon left the country to work on a new project. Nathaniel then received a telegram from Elias asking for his help in the Yucatan with a cult of Ah Puch, and to research a Walter Kimble. Nathaniel knew that Elias would not ask for help unless he were truly in trouble.

The group met up for one of their regular ‘group therapy’ sessions in the back of Lady Jade’s speakeasy, where they discussed how they had been since the last incident. Nathaniel proposed a trip to Mexico to aid Elias, as the group thought that something that could shed light on their recent encounter could be occurring there (and if not, FREE VACATION TO MEXICO!).

The group went over to Prospero Press, Elias’s publisher, to speak with Jonah Kensington, who volunteered to pay for the trip, as Elias is too great an asset. They found him working late, and provided steamship tickets the following morning. He also handed over a big folder of information he had gathered on Kimble. Apparently, Kimble was a dangerous man, dishonorably discharged from the army, and had been all over North America, suspected mostly for running guns.

The group prepared for travel, and researched Kimble. Jade and Handsome managed to take time off work. Barry tried to call a contact for information on Kimble, but could not get through. Bonnie got a lot of alcohol, and Nathaniel studied all night.

On the steam ship, the group had a few days of vacation time, with Bonnie drinking a lot, Handsome handsoming a foxy older lady into bed, Barry gambling away most of his money, and Jade and Nathaniel studying and relaxing.

Upon arrival in Campeche, the group proceeded to the San Miguel Hotel, and booked 2 rooms with Carlos, the manager. They then hung out at the bar/restaurant, and had a fine meal (Ceviche!) and lots of drinks. Bonnie impressed the bartender by downing a giant glass of vodka, but was otherwise unsuccessful in seduction. One of the waitstaff did remember Elias, as a kind and interesting guest, but did not know much else about him (while Handsome tried to get him to bring him drinks on his day off).

The following day, they proceeded to the rail road station and tracked down the station manager Guillermo. Guillermo plays dumb at first, but upon learning that these people are friends of Elias, he invited them into his office, gives them drinks,, and provides rail passes to mile marker 126, the rail location nearest to Elias’s camp. According to Guillermo, Elias hired a few men to go on an expedition to Mayan ruins. He returned shortly after his discovery to send telegrams, and then returned to the field. He hasn’t been seen for a couple weeks.

The train ride was fairly uneventful. The flat, open cars did not provide any shelter for the ;passengers. Handsome tried to get to know the two crewmen, but hit a language barrier. Barry managed to crouch down behind some crates to prevent soot from getting on his suit (see what he did there???). There were a few stops at nameless villages, and to allow other trains to pass by.

As they approached mile marker 126, one old woman, clutching her rosary, caught the eye of Jade. She spoke to this woman, Maria, and learned of the local beliefs about the area, that it is a place of death ruled by the Mayan god of the dead Ah Puch. Nathaniel perked up when he heard the name, and recounted what he knew, that Ah Puch is associated with owls, spiders, bats, and he appears as a bloody skeleton wearing a necklace of human eyeballs. Upon reaching mile marker 126, the group disembarks, against Maria’s protests.

It was around twilight, and the group searched the treeline for the path to Elias’s camp. Handsome’s machete was very useful in hacking their way through (Barry is very good at spotting paths). On their way to the camp, they encountered a stone slab showing Mayan hieroglyphics, a skeletal figure standing on a mass of skulls flanked by two owls in a cave or chamber. It’s pretty creepy.

The group finds Elias’s camp abandoned, and perceive cat-like forms running through the brush. Barry finds blood drops. Others find Elias’s favorite tobacco. Then, a flute and wind chimes are heard, and a voice begins speaking Spanish. A couple of the group begin to freak out, but most realize the words are slurred (Bonnie knows this ‘creature’ is drunk). A humanoid figure appears with a read glow, with a beaked, bird-like head, holding a flaming skull. Two other ‘creatures’ appear running toward the investigators, but one disappears. The other throws a chinese firebomb, which is successfully dodged by the party. The still standing minion is shot dead by Handsome, while the main ‘demon’ takes off his bird head and tries to flee (Zoinks Scoob!). He is tackled by the party and convinced to take the party to the Mayan ruins where Elias is being held.

Handsome and Barry find the other man, who tripped and broke his leg while running to attack the party. Somehow, they convince him that the only way they will let him live is if they cut off his leg, so Handsome cuts it off with his machete (sanity hit) and decides to keep it as a weapon (another sanity hit). They leave the man to die (another sanity hit).

The gang will pick back off with the scooby doo villain in custody, prepared to lead them to Elias.



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